Front-end Developer

Gothenburg, Västra Götaland County, Sweden


IGDB is a startup where all of us are living our dream, to be working professionally with games. We are using our passion for games to develop the ultimate gaming service for both the gaming industry as well as its consumers.

IGDB stands for Internet Game Database and consists of 2 primary parts, an online platform consisting of a website and 3 mobile apps that provides game consumers with structured and up to date information about games and the gaming world. The second part is our API that provides anyone from small hobby projects all the way up to some of the largest companies in the gaming industry with the data they need to realise their projects and ambitions.

We are looking for an experienced frontend developer to join our team and help us build the greatest gaming website ever. You will be working alongside the rest of our development team and designers. In your role you will be able to influence our tech stack, architecture and give feedback on how to improve our products and services. The codebase you will be working in is written in React and Nodejs and is using our own REST API to retrieve information from our extensive database.

For more information about IGDB go to:

Visit for a preview of the new site that you will be a part of developing.


As an individual you are independent, thorough and appreciate the importance of cooperation and communication within a team: since you will be working closely with the rest of the development team and will be expected to both give and receive feedback and partake in discussions about code and technical solutions.

Experience with Redux and User Experience (UX) is a plus but not a requirement. You will however come in contact with both areas while working with us.


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